This is a small and quick update of the progress from the past few weeks.

  1. Combat Feel
  2. Game Design

No flashy images or videos this update but take a look at my twitter on some of the most recent action. @chronowax


I spent a bunch of time playing around on combat feel. I worked on implementing different features to make sure the game play would feel good. I felt that this is a really important aspect to start on early on as most game mechanics will basically revolve around it. I want to make sure combat feels fun and fair, specially since it’s meant to be played on mobile.

These are far from final, but some things I implemented include:

  • Hit/Attack sounds
  • Damage numbers
  • Screen shake
  • Health bars

Take a look at Jan Willem Nijman’s talk on game feel to get a good idea on things that can improve the game with little work.

Game Design

Once I was happy with the progress on combat I decided it was time to actually design the game.

I’ve always had this crazy idea of what the game is gonna be. A Rogue-like MMO game. I’ve had a rough idea on many of the mechanics the will make the game shine since the beginning but I’ve not defined them fully. So now I’ve started working on defining all game mechanics that I want for release.

I’m using Dropbox Paper to create multiple brainstorming documents for all main mechanics of the game. I’m not ready to share details on them yet, but my plan is to fully develop the features and come up with an execution plan and stricter deadlines.

I’m gonna take a couple of weeks working on this to make sure I’ve got a solid foundation. I’ll likely start working on the game’s main feature procedurally generated dungeons.

This past few days have been kinda slow, considering that I only work on the game during my free time and it’s been mostly limited to the weekends lately. My actual job has got me working on some interesting projects with some tight deadlines, so most of my energy has been focused there and I don’t want to burn out.

Slowly but surely, the game is being built.